12 Pics That Will Have You Booking Your Next Vacation to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

This past June, we found paradise! And you can too! If you’re wondering where your next vacation should be, look no further. Visiting the Dominican Republic should be on the travel bucket list for every warm weather loving, palm tree waving, ocean breeze blowing, pure white sand between your toes traveler!

Destination – Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

ResortRoyalton Punta Cana

Booked withBeach Bum Vacation (Shout out to Sue, our personal Beach Bum Coordinator! She’s amazing!!! And she’s already booked our return trip for 2018…so exciting!)

Open air, palm roof thatched airport terminal – It doesn’t get any more Caribbean than that!
Sunrise from our balcony.
Dodging palapas to get to the beach.
And there are so many palapas to choose from!
You could grab a flamingo raft while you’re at it too.
Or a beach bed…any closer and you’d be in the water.
Maybe the pool is more your style…
…this one is perfect for belly flops (and lounging in the water).
Looking for something unique to the island…how about a picture with a monkey?
Or some water park fun.
Maybe a dune buggy excursion? Tip: take glasses and a handkerchief…that’s dust, people.
And finally, the ultimate, never forget, dream come true event…you get married. xoxo


Thanks for traveling with me! Until next time.