Namaste Your Way Through the Holidays

Aaaahhhh, the holidays!

The food.

The cheer.

The gifts.

The time with family.


Is it just me or during the merriest time of the year, are mamas stressed to the max?stressed mom during the holidays

Ok, back-to-school time is a close second; but, for us moms, the holidays bring more than revelry and merriment.

We have gifts to buy, money to budget, elaborate meals to plan, in-laws to put up with, houses to keep clean, kids to keep happy, parties to attend, weight to manage, etc., etc., etc.

Before you know it, a phenomenon I like to call “busy brain” sets in.

Busy brain is when our normally rational, decision-making brains kick into overdrive and literally won’t shut off. It’s like someone screaming in your ear 24/7 about all the things you need to do, check, and confirm. Busy brain wakes you up in the middle of the night with ideas and reminders about everything you haven’t checked off your to-do list. Busy brain throws so much at you that you literally feel paralyzed with indecision. And with indecision, comes stress  – lots of stress.

How in the world are we supposed to keep our sanity when struck with busy brain???

While we all have to find something that works for us, I’ve come to love and rely on hot yoga as a way to quiet my busy brain.

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Confession – I will be the first to admit that I used to say not-so-nice things about yoga – like it was just stretching – or – not really exercise.

Wrong, wrong, wrong!

Yoga can be just stretching if that’s what you need it to be, but if you crave more of a workout, it can definitely deliver that too.

Heated Power Yoga has become my go-to for strengthing my body but also, and more importantly, quieting my mind.

yoga quiets the mind
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It shocked me actually – how quiet my mind became after just 50 minutes on my mat. And it quickly became time I craved. Time to myself – directly after work – to decompress, let go of my anxiety, my to-do list, my mom guilt – all before I went home to my family.


It doesn’t matter if you’re a stay-at-home mom or a full-time working mom – evenings are hard for us all.

Before starting yoga, I regularly came home stressed, with too much on my mind, and not at all capable or willing to show the love and patience that my family deserved.

Now, I do myself and my family the favor of having a peaceful heart and quiet mind when I get home.

This might sound cliche – but yoga really does help me be a better mom!

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mom using hot yoga mat

It’s no different for the holidays – worse actually.

The added stress we feel during the holidays screams for down dog, child’s pose, and happy baby!

Last year I didn’t even put up a tree! I just didn’t have it in me. Clearly, this was pre-yoga, before I found my zen.

For 2017, my Christmas cheer is back! I may have even been one of those annoyingly cheerful people on Facebook counting down the Friday’s until Christmas Day, LOL!

yoga helps deal with stress
Total photo-bomb from my side-kick!

Regardless of my behavior on Facebook though, it feels REALLY good to have the energy and excitement for my favorite holiday return!

If you’re already stressing about the pending holidays, I encourage you to find something that works for you! Find something, anything, that will quiet your busy brain!

And if you’ve been interested in trying yoga but haven’t pulled the trigger yet, there’s no better time than now! Here are a few things to get you started:

Clever Yoga Non-Slip Yoga Mat – a good mat will keep you safe (because you won’t slip around) and is the BEST INVESTMENT you can make – this mat also comes with an awesome carrying bag…bonus!

Hot Yoga Towel – if you choose to do hot yoga, you’ll need a specially designed towel to lay over your mat – these towels “stick” to your mat and won’t slip while you move into your different poses – also helping to keep you safe. Get creative! Go wild with your colors – or – coordinate them with your mat – your choice!

Yoga Threads – breathable clothes that you can move comfortably in will help you enjoy your yoga practice – no one likes chafing – cringe! Get some good leggings or yoga pants, as well as a few sports bras (you’ll be using a new one for each class – yes, you really will sweat that much), and some decent tanks – I personally like tanks that are thin and lightweight – TIP: fitted tanks will stay against your frame and won’t gap or fall forward.

Hydrate – no matter which type of yoga you choose, get a good water bottle that will hold plenty of H2Oand stay cool. I recently switched to a Yeti bottle. They’re more expensive, yes – but after going through dozens of basic plastic bottles that cracked, leaked, and didn’t keep my water cool, I had had enough. I needed something that would hold up to being carted around every day and my Yeti bottle does just that!

So that’s it for now! I’d love to hear how you manage your stress during the holidays – please share! Until then, keep calm and namaste on!

Find a peaceful heart and a quiet mind this holiday season with the help of yoga! #GetYourZenOn


  1. Ebony | 11th Nov 17

    I love hot yoga and always feel so good afterwards.

  2. Karen | 9th Nov 17

    This is such an important reminder! holidays can be so stressful!!!!!!

  3. Chelsea | 8th Nov 17

    I need to get back into yoga, thanks for inspiring me!

  4. Brittany | 8th Nov 17

    Love this post!! Holidays can be so stressful and I’ve recently started LOVING yoga. I mean i can’t get enough of it !! Thanks for sharing

  5. Victoria | 7th Nov 17

    I love this! Yoga has been an exercise that has been highly underrated. Thanks for posting.

    • Tiffany | 7th Nov 17

      Totally agree! I’m a true believer now! 🙂

  6. Our Little Mountain Tribe | 7th Nov 17

    I love yoga!! I have never tried hot yoga! I keep hearing such great things about it though

  7. Christine | 7th Nov 17

    Thank you for such a great post. I completely agree… Yoga can do amazing things to reduce stress levels. I also like to practice mindful meditation, even if just for 10 minutes in the morning… for my sanity 🙂 Thanks again for this post 🙂 Namaste!

    • Tiffany | 7th Nov 17

      I try the mindful meditation, especially at home – would be nice to find something quick to “reset” the direction of my thoughts.

  8. Natalie | 7th Nov 17

    I wish I could do hot yoga, but I’m pregnant. I do love the holidays, but man are they stressful. I’ll have to try this next year!

    • Tiffany | 7th Nov 17

      Congrats! And if you do, let me know how it goes!

  9. Indu | 7th Nov 17

    wonderful post on stress relieving methods. And the serene mind experienced through yoga.

  10. Stephanie | 6th Nov 17

    I can’t survive without Yoga! It helps me get through so much stress! I love your pics and your side kick joining in 🙂

    • Tiffany | 7th Nov 17

      LOL – thank you! She’s a yogi in training. 🙂 I’m so thankful I gave it a shot!

  11. Morgan | 6th Nov 17

    Wow I love this! Such simple yet effective ideas to make a stressful time of year, a little less stressful. Thanks for sharing!!

  12. Jess | 6th Nov 17

    I have been meaning to get into yoga for a very long time now, I am always stressed around the holidays especially this year as we are welcoming a new baby xmas eve 😮 ohh the stress this year lol.

    • Tiffany | 6th Nov 17

      Oh wow! Congrats – that’s awesome! I’ve seen several women who are expecting still coming to class so you go, mama!

  13. Jeanette Radmall | 6th Nov 17

    I love yoga! It does so much for my mind and my body!

  14. Jen@Jenron-Designs | 6th Nov 17

    Such a cute title, we all need a little destress this time of year! I am going to check out those hot yoga towels in your link I think that is where I need to go this holiday. Hot towels sound perfect to my yoga routine.

    • Tiffany | 6th Nov 17

      Thank you! The towels really do make a difference. The more you sweat, the better they work. I actually sprinkle water on mine at the start of every class just get a little jump start on making it work for me. 🙂

  15. The Starving Artist | 6th Nov 17

    Yoga and stretching are so important for your body. And it makes you slow down!

    • Tiffany | 6th Nov 17

      Yes! I love that about it! Truly a remedy for our “busy brains”.

  16. Kathryn | 6th Nov 17

    I’m all for it! I also like karate and I’ve recently taken up running. Namaste!

    • Tiffany | 6th Nov 17

      I used to do Tae Bo in college, LOL!

  17. Meaghan | 6th Nov 17

    I love yoga but have always been scared to try hot yoga, despite a studio being within walking distance of my house! This post inspires me. But do I really need the towel???

    • Tiffany | 6th Nov 17

      Give it a go! Make sure you eat something a few hours before going…don’t want your bloodsugar crashing in the middle of Warrior 3. 🙂 I’m a sweater, so I definitely need the towel. Even with a non-slip mat, the space where you’re hands go can get a little slick. Having the towel laid over your mat helps prevent this. The towel also helps your mat last longer because it’s absorbing most of the sweat rather than it pooling on your mat. Good luck!

  18. Marta | 6th Nov 17

    I’ll like to try hot yoga. 🙂 and I agree with you. Namaste😘

    • Tiffany | 6th Nov 17

      Namaste! 🙂

  19. Fatima | 6th Nov 17

    Omg I started yoga and it is truly life changing! I really want to try hot yoga now!

    • Tiffany | 6th Nov 17

      Give it a go! Good luck!

  20. Laura | 6th Nov 17

    I so need to get back to my regular, dedicated yoga practice! It saved my life (and my back) but I haven’t been doing it since my divorce. Now that I have fibromyalgia and can’t do what I used to do, I need to get back to my yoga. Thank you…and #Namaste!

    • Tiffany | 6th Nov 17

      I’ve really come to love it – even though I poo-poo’d it for the longest time! Best of luck to you!

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