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I’m Tiffany. On the right is my husband, Dan. And in the middle, is our daughter, Kendall.

My husband and I were both born and raised in the Midwest and have remained close to the towns we grew up in. We were high-school sweethearts. We’ve been married 18 years and our only child is that gorgeous girl shown above. 🙂  Together, with several “4-legged kids”, we trudge through life, one day at a time.

Like all families, we’re just trying to keep “it” together (I think we all know the “it” I’m referring to) and enjoy life along the way. There comes a time though when you realize that you could enjoy life more, that there are barriers holding you back, preventing you from living your best life.

Those barriers led to this site….

My decision to start this blog came as a surprise to me, as well as my family. You see, we are typically a very private family. We don’t socialize much, we try to attend events when they are the least populated, and we live on 5 acres (on purpose, LOL).

So this idea that now, I am going to share my life for the entire world to read about, quite frankly, freaks me out!!!

However, I have struggled most of my life with the feeling of never quite fitting in. I’m not sure of the reason for this, but it started in childhood and has continued through adulthood.

I am now a mother, and despite trying (and all good intentions), as a mom, I still don’t feel like I “fit in”, especially around other mothers (no fault of theirs).

So here I am.

I had a virtual epiphany about starting a blog for other women and moms who may feel like I do…that we’re the “odd moms”.  So I invite you to come on this #scaryadventure with me.

I’ll be sharing my journey through this “odd mom life” of parenting, self-care, travel, career, and more.

I hope you feel this is a safe place to also share your journey.

Let’s birth a community of “odd moms”! (Does that sound gross?)

We all have our reasons for not feeling like we fit in. Let’s embrace those differences and create a community that celebrates our uniqueness! Please join me in becoming a #omcmember of the Odd Moms Club! Odd moms unite!


Tiffany Perrine






PLEASE NOTE – This is NOT a forum to disrespect, bash, or hate on women and/or other mothers. Any visitor attempting to do so will be blocked.