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Namaste Your Way Through the Holidays

Aaaahhhh, the holidays! The food. The cheer. The gifts. The time with family. The STRESS! Is it just me or during the merriest time of the year, are mamas stressed to the max? Ok, back-to-school time is a close second; but, for us moms, the holidays bring more than revelry and merriment. We have gifts to buy, money to budget, elaborate meals to plan, in-laws to put up with, houses to keep clean, kids to keep happy, parties to attend, weight to manage, etc., etc., etc. Before you know it, a phenomenon I like to call &#8220…

Be In Their Lives Today

I’m learning more and more that as nice as it is to be present during the “big” moments in my daughter’s life, I also need to be just as present for the small, or even minute, moments…the quick hugs, the smiles we share, the silliness, the times she needs reassurance…all of these small moments will culminate into memories just as much as the big ones will. And I want her to remember that I was in her life…every day, today, and will be tomorrow. Love you munchkin &#8211…

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